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The Mission

Create Invaluable Connections

Through our networking events and classes, we hope to share best practices, provide expertise, and create alliances. By educating renters, buyers, investors, and all others involved in real estate transactions, we will create a more well-informed network that will ultimately strengthen the local real estate market.


The end goal is to continue to assist in the revitalization of our area and provide affordable and sustainable housing in the process. Let's pool our resources to build up our community and Bring It Home.

The Team

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Olivia Saboff

Leasing Agent, Tax Credit Specialist, Property Manager

From working as a former teacher to my current roles in property management, I have discovered that learning never ends, and listening and patience are just the beginning. Asking questions, setting goals and expectations, and FOLLOWING UP make all the difference.

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Awnye` Foster, MBA

Small Business Consultant, HR Specialist, Tax Preparer 

I have a background in small business consulting and tax preparation. I help entrepreneurs not only start businesses, but also sustain and grow them.

By partnering with Shondalyn and Olivia, I hope to use my skills to support their efforts in revitalizing our community.  I work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, and I am your point of contact if you have any questions.

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Shondalyn Williamson

Realtor®, LIHTC certified leasing agent, Reveel TV’s Negotiator

Being a former first grade teacher, I always have an "education first" mindset. I went into real estate with the goal of helping first-time home buyers better understand the home-buying process.

What I've grown to love most about my work is that I get the opportunity to serve where I live. Being a real estate agent allows me to meet so many people in the community, and really get a sense of how vibrant our culture is. I hope to continue making connections and sharing nuggets of information in every interaction.

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