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Our Monthly Events

Invested Interest

These seminars are for real estate professionals. Once a month, we invite a guest speaker out to speak on a specific real estate topic.

During the seminar, we eat, learn, talk, and connect. This is a perfect setting for connecting with other real estate professionals. Investors can meet contractors, agents can meet investors, etc.


If you’re already in or are thinking about joining the professional real estate industry, purchase a ticket to one of our Invested Interest seminars. You can even save by buying a membership!

First-Time Home Buyer

This class is similar to Rent Ready, but geared toward home ownership. Getting into a home in 2023 is intimidating, especially with all the talk of recession. This 3-part series includes homework and a continuous feedback loop. Be prepared to do some follow-up when you attend this class!

If you’ve already been renting for a while and are ready to work toward owning your dream home, RSVP for this free class today.

Rent Ready

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Renting a house or apartment is not as simple as it used to be. Two check stubs won't be enough to get you in the door with most landlords these days.

To address changes and increased rental obligations, we are offering Rent Ready courses.

The main goal is to increase financial literacy and secure housing. In the long run, we want participants to build rental history and hopefully one day transition into home ownership.

If you're looking into renting in the Riverbend area, plan to attend this free class. Registration opens spring of 2023.

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